Split 7″ w/Murder By Death

On the 7″ Murder By Death has covered the Builders and the Butchers song “In the Branches” TBATB have covered the MBD song “Until Morale Improves The Beatings Will Continue” Ray from TBATB has a one man band of songs composed using Nintendo Gameboy sounds- its called OPERATION MISSION. He has covered MBD’s “Ball and Chain” and TBATB “Down in This Hole”. 4 Tracks on this split!

Preorder it at www.murderbydeath.com

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Two of my favorite bands covering each others songs, I’m tingly inside just thinking about it! We just came back from Portland to find you guys are playing there this week, SUPER bummed.
Come on back to the Bottom of the Hill soon, or better yet, the East Bay!

~ PhilBill on August 14, 2011 at 1:35 pm - - [+Reply]

Don’t own a record player. How do I obtain a compact disk version. I am a TBATB fan and my girl is a MBD fan. Perfect gift. Help

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